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We provide primarily grass cutting, weed eating, edging, minor bush trimming, and leaf blowing of residential properties.

We service the North Naples area from Golden Gate Parkway North to Immokalee Rd., and from US 41 East to Golden Gate Estates. Included areas, but not limited to, are Naples Park, Poinciana, Golden Gate City, Orange Tree, Waterways, Golden Gate Estates, Logan Woods, Corkscrew, Willoughby Acres, and Palm River.

Lawn cutting is our main service. We do not provide landscaping, pest control, or major tree trimming.

Our service area is focused on the Naples Park, Poinciana, Golden Gate City, and Golden Gate Estates areas.

We offer one time cuts, weekly, every ten days, bi-weekly, and monthly. Our minimum price per cut is $38.00 for a small yard. Most people fall in the range of $50.00 - $70.00 per cut on properties up to one and a half acres.These are "in general" prices. your specific property will be given its own estimate. For extra grounds pick up or maintenance above the customary normal, we charge $80.00 an hour with a one hour minimum.

If the property has not been maintained well for a long time, it may need a higher "one time" cut fee to get it back in line. One time cuts or "initial cuts" usually range from $60.00 - $240.00.

We charge you by the cut for each time we cut your lawn. You will pay more in the summer and less in the winter as cuts become less frequent due to the dry season. This will save you money from a standard monthly bill and fee of the same amount each month as other companies charge. You pay us at each time of service with a credit card kept on file. If you do not wish to keep a credit card on file you may pay us by check in advance for scheduled cuts. We do not send out invoices.

You do not need to sign a contract, a mutually agreed upon schedule can be decided and followed. You may cancel at any time.

In the event of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, we offer debris clean up and removal from your yard as a separate service and charge.

We offer free estimates and will need to look at your property to do so. After we come out and look at your property, we will contact you back with your estimate.

Naples Lawn Service looks forward to serving you soon!

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