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Lot and Storm Clean Up in Naples

We offer lot and storm clean up services for your property. If you need some underbrush cleaned up, some broken tree limbs on the ground, Palm Fronds, or other natural falling debris picked up, we can do that for you. Whether the debris has been there for many years, or you just need help clearing your driveway after a hurricane or tropical storm we can help.

We are not however, a land clearing service, IE: taking down or out live bushes or trees, or clearing a lot for construction, and we are not a tree trimming service. We offer the pick up and removal of anything all ready on the ground, IE: old or dead tree limbs etc..

We have a compact tractor and a crossover utility vehicle to efficiently handle these jobs. Our John Deere 300 series tractor has 4 wheel drive and a bucket on the front for fast removal of heavy items. It has a lifting capacity of approximately 1300 Lbs. We also have a grappler attachment for out tractor. This enables us to lift and remove downed trees or logs. Our John Deere Gator crossover utility vehicle has a dump bed on the back for collecting smaller items and transporting them to our truck and trailer for disposal, like small logs, rocks etc... It is also 4 wheel drive so it can get into property that is flooded, easily. It can travel over rough terrain and through sugar sand, as well.

Whether you just need a few items or many picked up we can handle the job. If a tropical storm or hurricane hits and you need access to your house, just give us a call.

We offer free estimates, just call us with your address. We can usually get back to you within 24 hours. If its something that we won't be able to do, we can refer you to someone else. For hurricane or tropical storm clean up, it may take longer to get your estimate for you.

For this service, we cover only North Naples, Golden Gate City and Golden Gate Estates.

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